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Full printed Water Resistant Sport Travel Backpack 6365

Model: Sport leisure backpack 6365
Material: Nylon / Polyester
Size: 28*13*43CM

Large capacity Travel sport bag pack with laptop interlayer 6354

Model: Large capacity travel bag 6354
Material: Nylon / Polyester
Color: Blue, Navy, Green, Red, Gray
Size: 32*19*46CM

Fashion Design Outdoor School Backpacks from Hunan 6352

Model: School Backpack 6352
Material: polyester and nylon
Color: Deep blue, Pink, Blue and Green
Size: 32*13*46CM

Popular Leisure Sport School Bag Backpack 6383

Model: Backpack 6383
​Material: Polyester
​Color: Blue, Gray, Black, Red
Size: 30*16*43CM
​Logo: Print or Rubber Logo

Simple printed 3 compartments school bag pack 6393

Model: school bag Backpacks 6393
Material: Polyester/Nylon
Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Deep Blue
Size: 33-16-46CM bag pack
Logo: Print or embroidery Logo

Chunlong Brand Fashion and Safe Multi-pocket Book Bag for Youngth 6366

Burden-reducing, Stylish, Lightweight, Waterproof
Brand: Chunlong / Chinllo
Item: 6366
Material: High quality nylon

Chinllo Brand Grade 1-9 Backpack Waterproof for Teenage aged 6~14 6362

Cost-effective, Safe, Luminious, large capacity, abrasion resistant

Brand: Chunlong/ Chinllo
Item: 6362
Material: Nylon

OEM Kids Trolley school bag backpack on wheels 6339

Model: Trolley school bag 6339
Material: Nylon / Polyester
Color: Navy , Black, Pink
Size: 30*14*49CM

Three Color Cost-effective Stylish Nylon Kids Schoo Bag with Zipperd Cover 6390

Zippered cover, padded and breathable back, Waterproof

Brand: Chunlong
Item: 6390
Material: Nylon

New Stylish Unisex Teenage School Travel Sport Backpack 6384

Stylish, Large Capacity, Water-resistent, Light-weight

Brand: Chinllo
Item: 6384

High Quality Nylon Backpack For Primary School Students 6381

Light Weight, Stylish, Waterproof,

Brand: Chinllo
Item: 6381

Stylish Design Light-weight Student Pack With Reflection Strip 6371

With reflection strip, Large capacity, abrasion resistant&waterproof

Brand: Chunlong / Chinllo
Item: 6371
Material: Nylon